I’m Allison.
I’m a professional writing major at SUNY Cortland.
I am (barely) an amateur foodie. Meaning I enjoy food, I’ll try pretty much anything, but don’t really know enough about food to make “Foodie” comments.
Which is the interesting part of this blog. I don’t cook. Not because I can’t, but my boyfriend, Blaine, has a passion for it and would rather cook than wait for me to stumble my way around the kitchen to make a meal.
It would probably just be boxed Mac and Cheese from Wegman’s anyway.

So, this blog is unique because it’s inspired by an average person who enjoys good meals and sharing them with others.

Which brings me to my title.
I was sitting in class one day and my Spanish professor was talking about idioms.
And I just kept saying idiom. idiom. idiom. idi-uhm. idi-yum. IDI-YUM.
Originally, I wrote it down to possibly put into a story of mine.
Then I told my writer friends about it.
And they LOVED the idea.

So rather than wait around for one of them to steal it, I made it myself.

This blog is a blog of strange, interesting, or peculiar meals/snacks/foods that wouldn’t quite translate well to other cultures etc. Just like an idiom.

It’s a blog for recipes, pictures, articles, and anything food related.

I hope you’ll enjoy it and if you have anything you’d like to see added on here, let me know!


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